Supply Chain Dashboard

Johnson & Johnson's supply chain team was looking to re-vamp their internal Supply Chain Dashboard. Since Supply Chain itself comes with complex analytics, they wanted a Dashboard that was easy to digest, present, and export information.
Johnson & Johnson
August - October 2023
Lead UI/UX Designer

Supply Chain Dashboard Redesign

Redesigning an existing Supply Chain Dashboard to increase overall usability, navigation, and visual design
Johnson & Johnson
June 2023 - September 2023
UI/UX Designer


A quick intro

J&J's supply chain team was looking to re-design their internal Supply Chain Dashboard. Since Supply Chain itself comes with complex analytics, they wanted a Dashboard that was easy to digest, access, present, and export.


A closer look into the project

The challenge

The current dashboard design is difficult to read, manipulate, internalize, and interact with.

It makes it difficult for users to perform tasks, identify crucial information, and hinders their day-to-day workflows.

The goals

1. Optimize the data visualization to be easily scannable / digested
2. Decrease the amount of time it takes for a user to find their data
3. Improve enough so that managers are incorporating it back into their day-to-day workflows

The outcomes

Below are some quick stats that speak for themselves on the success of the new platform design


less time for a user to access a specific data point


of managers are incorporating the platform back into their daily workflow


of users agreed that the new navigation is significantly easier to use


Evaluating the dashboard's current experience

The original dashboard that managers were using was bloated, clunky, unappealing to look at, and lacked a cohesive flow


Talking to users to gain more insight

After reviewing/evaluating the current dashboard experience, I conducted evaluation research with 5 individuals to assess product issues. I chatted with 6 product managers who (used to) use the dashboard daily. Given the issues, I decided to start by watching them interact with the current dashboard first; then asking them to go about their daily workflow. Here are some questions I had asked.

01. What are the main goals or tasks that you perform on the dashboard?

02. What are the pain points or challenges you experience while using the current dashboard?

03. Which features or data on the current dashboard are most important for you to access quickly and easily?

04. How does the current dashboard fit into your workflow, and are there any gaps or inconsistencies in the process?

05. Are there any particular user groups or roles that have unique needs or preferences?

06. Are there any particular trends or changes in the supply chain industry that may impact the scalability of the dashboard?


User interview results & findings

The user interview results showed high frustration while using the dashboard


of users said that the dashboard was difficult to navigate


of people were not able to find the data points they needed


of people said the current dashboard does not fit into their current workflow


Eliminating visual bloat with a single entry-point landing page

In order to reduce some of the visual "bloating", I removed the varying entry points to the dashboard and consolidated them into a single landing page.


An updated Overview screen

I added a new screen that took all of the most important / common information that managers used on a daily basis so they easily access pertinent data points without digging through unnecessary tabs


A new way to get around

One of the previous issues in the original Dashboard was it's navigation. There was no indication of how the screens were connected.

The new navigation showed 4 of the most important data points and made them clickable. A user can quickly swap between each data view.


New and improved internal screens

Another deliverable from this project was updating the overall look and feel of the Dashboard. I added new charts, colors, icons, and other elements to make the overall feel pleasing and engaging to use.

"Alyssa is terrific to work with, friendly, and skilled in multiple areas of UX design and prototype development. It was a pleasure to work with her. She was able to meet aggressive deadlines and complete high-quality work on time."

Susan S.

Design Manager