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Jul 2021 - Jan 2023
Lead UI/UX Designer

A quick intro

I joined AnswerRocket as a Lead Designer to overhaul their existing product. It was my job to work closely with another UX Designer to audit the platform and improve the UX of it. I also led the creation of AnswerRocket's first Design System. I also helped to update the aesthetics of AnswerRocket's charts.


I worked on a range of large-scale projects during my time at AnswerRocket, some of which I am able to share below

Data sets

One of the major improvements made was the data sets UX flow. Since this is a faily complex process, we worked to make it as easy as possible for the users to follow. Some of the updated screens are included before.

Dashboard builder

The dashboard builder allowed users to create customized dashboards based on their specific business needs. This was a super fun project to work on because of how beautiful the UI came out!

AI-powered dashboards

What sets AnswerRocket apart from other Business Intelligence companies is that you can ask business questions in real-time and plain language. The algorithm, Max, then translates this into machine language and produces staggeringly accurate results.

Launchpad 🚀

The Launchpad was a concept I put together during one of my projects at AnswerRocket. It served as a central hub where users can access their data collections, dashboards, and other business utilities.