Online marketplace focused on equine stays and experiences

Dec 20, 2023
Online marketplace focused on equine stays and experiences

GiddyUp GetAway® is an online platform designed specifically for equine enthusiasts to help each other. Travelers can map their trip and easily find layovers along their route.

👩‍💻 My Role: Lead UI/UX Designer

🔨 Tools: Figma


Joni, the Founder of GiddyUp GetAway, came to me with an idea of creating a marketplace where people who own or travel with horses could connect and provide housing for each other. There is currently no market for these kinds of connections (people mainly travel and stay at homes through word of mouth), thus Joni wanted to create an app from the ground up. I was the Lead Product Designer to help her do just that.

Project Goals & The "Why"

The main reason for GiddyUp GetAway is to connect hosts and travelers across the 50 states who are traveling with horses. Some other reasons why we decided to continue to build this app are as follows: 

  1. There is currently very little competition in the market
  2. Help to relieve the burden of finding a place to stay while traveling with a horse
  3. Add sources of income to smaller, remote locations that can host horses but don't have a platform to advertise on
  4. Provide a service to all horse-enthusiasts and travelers

The UX goals of this project were as follows: 

  1. Create an easy-to-use platform for people to use
  2. Design an intuitive platform so that travelers can easily book a trip
  3. Design an intuitive portal so that hosts can simply set up a booking, manage bookings, manager their calendars, and payments

User Research

In a perfect world, UX designers have all the time and budget in the world to perform ample amounts of user research to really hone in on our target users. However, in the real world, this just isn't the case for some projects. For this project, Joni wanted to capitalize on the fact that there was no market / competitor yet, and to capitalize FAST. So, I essentially had to "design blind" based off the two user personas we created to shape the ideal target users (Guest and Host).

Guest Persona

Persona for Guest

Host Persona

Persona for Host

Design Process

To begin the design process, I started with the Information Architecture to ensure that we were covering all of the functionality that needed to be included in the app. We wanted to ensure that all of the user wants/needs/and pain points would be addressed.

Information Architecture

Structure for the Host
Host information architecture
Structure for the Guest
Guest information architecture

High-fidelity vs. low-fidelity mockup challenge

Due to the rush on this project, I had to go right into high-fidelity mockups instead of going through the normal low-fi mockups first. But again, sometimes the design process is gritty and dirty and you just have to grin and bear it! 

I created a quick design system with the essential components and the approved color scheme, and then got started.


Plan a trip / vacation destination

The Guest or Host can plan a trip to anywhere in the U.S. using this form field structure
The Guest/Host can see different home along their proposed route
Property overview for when a Guest/Host clicks on the property
Overview for a Human site

Sign up

Manage listing


Host dashboard

Guest dashboard

High-fidelity prototypes

Even though I was quite rushed during this project, I still wanted to supply the Dev team with a clean handoff. I figured the easiest and most efficient way to to do this was to continuously put together a high-fidelity, functioning prototype as I completed designs.

Become a host flow

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